Transform your health with this comprehensive group wellness program that meets once per week for 13 weeks.
Upon completion, you will have the knowledge, tools and motivation to sustain your goals for life.

Prior to Week 1…

You will complete your HealthyCARE® Health Risk Assessment to find out your wellness score.

Program schedule:

Week 1: Program Overview, HRA Interpretation.
Body weight class.

Week 2: Jump start Guidelines, Heart rate zones, journaling, fruits & veggies, receive one on one session with trainer this week.
Pilates Class.

Week 3: Low glycemic eating, portion control, the role of fat, how alcohol is metabolized.
Band and Core class.

Week 4: Nutrition/lifestyle interventions, creating a meal plan, the hunger scale.
Cardio-Strength Circuit Class.

Week 5: Reading food labels, strength training benefits.
Strength training demo.

Week 6: Packaged foods, incorporating grains, the role of carbohydrates, food ingredients.
Group cycling class.

Week 7: Dining out and grocery store shopping strategies.
Group strength with dumbbells class.


Week 8: Behavior modification, Mapping a behavior chain, pre and probiotics, interval training.
Group strength with the body bar.

Week 9: The physiological and psychologial effects of stress, Diaphragmatic breathing, PMR, balancing blood glucose levels.
TRX class.

Week 10: Stress Management strategies, mindfulness, meditation, the benefits of fruits and Veggies.
Yoga class.

Week 11: Metabolic hormones- the weight- hormone link.
Resist-a-ball class.

Week 12: Program review, SMART goals, holiday planning final WA,
Small group PT Class.

Week 13: Results, Managing cholesterol, SMART goals.
Club choice.


Expert Team

Robin Lynch


Michele Peters


Annie Zappulla


Lisa Kavitt - Flanegan


Lynn Murgia

Elite Personal Trainer/HealthyCare Coach

Pat Mahon


Susie McLaughlin

Group Exercise Manager


What Other Participants Are Saying

Carolyn Barth

HealthyCARE Participant

· Increased lean muscle · Lost fat · Lost inches
· Lowered cholesterol by 40 points and triglycerides by 45
· Improved in all fitness measurements

Thanks to the Genavix program I was able to enjoy my daughters wedding and feel healthy and strong!

Kim Colucci

HealthyCARE Participant

· Lost 24 pounds and 6.3% Body Fat!
· Lost 4 inches off her waist and an overall total loss of 15.5 inches.
· Cholesterol dropped 55 points and triglycerides dropped 38 points
· Improved in all fitness tests

The 90 day Commit to Get Fit Healthy Care Program was the perfect "fit" for me! It has been the most positive way to achieve my goal of a healthy lifestyle, including losing weight, enjoying the goodness of food and exercise, along with the support of knowledgeable coaches and experts. It has been life changing for me. I am so happy to have found this program at this time of my life!

Ama Florio

HealthyCARE Participant

I joined the 90 day program because I had a “big birthday” and I wanted to improve my health. When I joined, I was pre- diabetic and I also have arthritis. I wanted to learn how to improve my health to control these issues. After I completed the program, I am happy to say that I am not pre-diabetic and I learned which foods to eat to reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis.

The success of this program for me was not only the philosophy of the program, but also our dietician Robin Lynch and our trainer Lynn Murgia. Robin’s knowledge of nutrition is amazing! I learned so much from her and changed how I will continue on my journey toward better health. In the beginning of the program I had issues with my knee and back. During our workout sessions, Lynn provided me with modifications. As I got stronger, she would encourage me to challenge myself.

Due to the Genavix program, I lost 13 pounds and I reached my goal for the amount of weight I wanted to lose. I had also the largest increase in lean body mass and the greatest percentage of fat loss!